Custom signs are inherently useful for appearing distinct from your competitors. They can improve brand recall and help you attract new customers. How do you design effective custom signage, though? Read on as we discuss some useful tips for custom signs and how you can benefit from a sign installation service.

1. Keep Things Simple

As the adage goes, less is more when it comes to creating custom signs. You don’t want to add too many elements to your signage, making it appear cluttered and hard to comprehend. We recommend sticking to a minimalistic design that captures your brand. Of course, it is also important that your sign be impactful and memorable. You can speak to your in-house designer on how to balance these two aspects to create something effective.

2. Make Sure the Sign Is Easy to Read

As far as tips for custom signs go, you also need to make sure your customers can read the sign. If your sign is illegible, then this defeats the entire purpose of creating a custom sign. We recommend speaking to a qualified professional offering custom sign service in Utah for this.

They can recommend suitable font styles, colors, and designs that make your signs easy to read, while still complementing your brand architecture.

3. Be Consistent

Suppose you are looking to design multiple signs with different messaging across them. In this case, it is important to be consistent about the design elements you choose for your signs. This can help with brand building and allow your target audience can easily recognize the advertisement as yours.

4. Use Lighting

As experts in sign installation, we strongly recommend using lighting for your signs. These can make your signs much more attractive. They also help with visibility during nighttime and allow you to advertise your promotional message 24/7.

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