Elevate Your Business with Unique Signs

 Electronic Message Center signs (EMCs) are the programmable change of messages and/or images in combination with vivid colors and graphics to advertise, market and inform the consumers.

These message centers make digital signs unique.  Digital signs have the ability to accommodate any changing display pattern through the computer program that drives them, and turn on and off color and brightness to compose new images. 

Static signs do not change their message and/or image. Digital signs, on the other hand, use LEDs and the sign face consists of a multitude of closely spaced dots of pixels or light elements similar to a television screen. 

These signs are controlled by a computer and their message can change and be displayed as a colored image on the sign’s face.  As a result, the brightness of the displayed image changes according to the program that drives it and the sign can produce varying levels of luminance.

Wasatch Sign Service and Repair

 We have a dedicated team of trained specialists who offer servicing and repair for business signs. If you think the signs in your store look downtrodden or shoddy, bring them to us! We will return them as good as new.