Are you considering utilizing custom signs to advertise your business? You can use a wide variety of signs for brand building and advertising to customers. Among these, illuminated signs are a great way to showcase your brand personality while also attracting customers. Read on as we discuss what illuminated signs are and the different types available.

What Is an Illuminated Sign?

Simply put, any sign that carries a lighting component is considered an illuminated sign. The component used to light these signs can vary, and you can use filament lighting, neon lighting, or LED lighting.

These signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They also create a much stronger impact on your target audience compared to non-illuminated signs. They are highly eye-catching and attractive and can quickly draw an individual’s attention.

What are the Types of Illuminated Signs?

There are several types of lighted signs that you can consider installing. These include:

  • Face lit signs: This is a type of sign carrying internal lighting that illuminates the face of the sign.
  • Edge-lit signs: This sign type has a bright light source stored inside the edge of the acrylic. It is directed in the same direction.
  • Backlit signs: This type of illuminated sign is lighted from behind using a lighting component. Most backlit scenes are powered using LED lighting.
  • External trough lit signs: Trough lit signs are usually installed outdoors. They are specially designed to be used as billboards and carry an overhead lighting system. This system allows for constant and reliable shadow-free illumination.

Wrapping It Up

There are various types of illuminated signs at your disposal. You can use these signs to advertise your products and services in a creative manner. If you are searching for a sign service in Utah that can help you create custom signs, get in touch with Wasatch Sign and Lighting. Call 801.266.7446 to learn more!

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