Are you struggling to get your business noticed? Have you considered using illuminated signs for your offline marketing and advertising? These signs use a lighting component to add that extra “oomph” factor to your advertising efforts. Read on to find out other benefits of illuminated signs. 

1. They Help You Stand Out

Using lighted signs automatically helps you break through the clutter and stand out. These signs naturally draw attention, and people are more likely to notice them compared to non-lighted signs. They are also easy to read from a distance, which makes them all the more effective.

You Can Advertise Your Business 24/7

Unlike other marketing efforts involving signs, illuminated signs allow you to advertise your products and services round the clock. For instance, non-lighted signs can become less effective during nighttime unless they are illuminated by an external lighting source. You don’t have to deal with such problems with a lighted sign and can promote your message 24/7.

2. They Are Energy Efficient

Using a custom sign powered by LED lighting is an environment-friendly way to advertise your product offerings. This type of lighting consumes very little energy, leading to substantial savings. You can reduce your carbon footprint and get more use out of your advertising budget.

3. Multiple Branding Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of illuminated signs is that they come with numerous design options. You can choose from a wide range of colors, styles and lighting methods to create something that reflects your brand personality.

In A Nutshell

If you are trying to kickstart your offline marketing efforts, then including illuminated signs in the mix can prove helpful. These signs allow you to showcase your brand in a unique and cost-effective manner. Get in touch with Wasatch Sign and Lighting today and find out how we can help you design and install lighted signs in Utah. Call 801.266.7446 for more information.

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