Old outdoor signage can have a detrimental impact on your branding. It may hurt the effectiveness of your advertising message and discourage customers from visiting your business outlet or buying your products and services. There are two things you can do here. You can either choose to get the sign repaired. Or, you can opt for sign removal and replacement. Which is the right option for you, though? Let’s find out.

Is The Design Up-to-Date?

If your sign has a modern design that reflects your brand personality and only needs a few repairs, then you can opt to get it fixed instead of replacing it entirely. For instance, suppose the sign is only a few months old, but a few lightbulbs aren’t working properly. In this case, repairing the sign will be more feasible then getting a new one made from scratch.

Is It Energy-Efficient?

If your outdoor signage makes use of fluorescent or incandescent lightbulbs, then it’s likely consuming a significant amount of energy. We recommend switching to signage with LED lighting here. LED lights consume very little energy and are more environment-friendly.

If you are looking to make this switch, then you’ll have to opt for replacing your outdoor signage instead of sign repair. 

Is the Damage Repairable?

In some cases, old outdoor signs need a few simple fixes to look as good as new again. However, some types of damage cannot be fixed. For instance, if the sign is peeling or rusting or has been subjected to vandalism, then you’ll need to replace it.

Get In Touch with Wasatch Sign and Lighting

If you are not sure whether you should opt for sign repair or sign removal and installation, talk to an expert at Wasatch Sign and Lighting. We can evaluate the condition of your outdoor signage and recommend suitable options to fix the damage or replace the sign entirely. Call us today at 801.266.7446 and speak to a member of our team!

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