Has your old signage gotten damaged? Are you wondering whether you need a professional for sign repair? Repairing old signage isn’t always a viable option. In some cases, the damage is too extensive, and you may need to replace the business sign with a new one. In other cases, a worn-out business sign can present an opportunity of sorts – the chance to upgrade and switch your old sign with something more contemporary. You can switch your traditional signage with LED signs. You can also use a more modern design to revitalize your brand and inject new life into your business.

Read on as we discuss whether you should switch to signs with LED lighting.

Do You Need Something with Less Maintenance?

Traditional fluorescent signs require a significant amount of maintenance. You need to make sure the gas doesn’t leak, and the glass tubes don’t break. Fluorescent lights are also at a higher risk of burning out.

In comparison, LED signage requires much less maintenance. The anticipated service life of LED lights is 100,000 hours, and you don’t have to as careful about handling these signs to avoid damage.

Are You Looking for More Energy-Efficient Signs?

If you are concerned about your current signs using too much energy, then switching to LED signs will be highly appealing. LED lights use as little as 10 watts of energy and can contribute to lower energy bills. They are also very environment-friendly.

Are You Worried About Safety?

Traditional signs with fluorescent light present risks such as injury from high voltage. This can compromise the safety of your team. As mentioned earlier, LED lights require very little voltage to run. They also emit very little heat, making them safe to use.

Make the Switch to LED Lights With Wasatch Sign and Lighting

If your old signage is in need of repair, you can use this chance to switch to LED lights and enjoy more energy-efficient signs that need little maintenance. Speak to Wasatch Sign and Lighting today for sign repair, sign removal, and sign installation!

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