Car Wraps

Custom Car Wraps and Vehicle Graphics

Market Your Business with Custom-Made Mobile Billboards

Car wrapping or car wraps are designed to partially or fully cover your vehicle in murals, images, graphics, or advertisements. Whether you want to upgrade your vehicle to make it look cool or create a mobile billboard for your business, Wasatch Signs can design high-quality graphics for you.


We have developed a durable type of vinyl that is perfect for wrap advertisements on cars. Top-quality materials are used to prevent bubbles or air channels from disturbing the look. The vinyl has microscopic glass beads that ensure that the adhesive doesn’t work until we want it to. This ensures that the wrap can be lifted and reapplied until we get it just right for you; it is sure to last you a long time since the adhesive is not compromised during application.

Vehicle Customization

A lot of people want to customize their vehicles to look cooler with epic designs; we can do it for you! We have found that even race car drivers in NASCAR prefer vinyl wraps since they are lighter than paint is. If you want a custom design for your vehicle, let your imagination run wild and approach us.

Does Vehicle Wrap Advertisement and Marketing Work?

Research says yes! Outdoor Advertising Magazine has found that outdoor mobile billboards have a high 97% recall rate. 99% of respondents agree that mobile advertising is definitely more effective than other forms of traditional outdoor advertisements. The American Trucking Associations have found that for truck advertisements, 91% of target audiences take note of the graphics and text.

According to the Traffic Audit Bureau, this results in around one to four million hits across local routes on a monthly basis. Product Acceptance and Research have found that 80% of respondents can recall specific advertisements on mobile billboards, with sales increasing by 107% after such marketing policies.

Benefits of Car Wrap Advertisements

  • Memorable: The recall rate for mobile advertisements is quite high.
  • Targeted: Car billboards can target specific geographic regions that may otherwise be hard to reach with traditional billboards.
  • Tracking: You will be able to use the GPS location to check on mileage, location, and impressions; this can increase accountability for your marketing campaigns.
  • Affordable: Car wraps cost merely a fraction of the cost that traditional billboards do. This makes them a cost-effective solution.
  • Scalable: You can have multiple wrapped cars to target different markets all through Wasatch Signs.
Wasatch Sign Service and Repair

 We have a dedicated team of trained specialists who offer servicing and repair for business signs. If you think the signs in your store look downtrodden or shoddy, bring them to us! We will return them as good as new.

We Provide Full Services for Signs High-Quality Corporate Signs by a SFamily-Owned Business

There is a reason why 85% of our business comes through repeat and referral clients. Here are a few reasons you should choose us:
  • We have over 30 years of experience in the sign business
  • We develop, repair, and service signs in Utah
  • We are committed to offering integrity, reliability, competitive prices, and high-quality
  • We take our work seriously
  • We have trained crane experts who can install and take down signs for you too