Monument signs are a highly popular type of outdoor signage for commercial advertising. These signs have a low profile and are usually attached to close to the ground. They also come in several styles and designs that you can choose from. Read on as we discuss the different types of monument signs you can use for your business.

1. Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are a type of outdoor signage that is usually mounted on one or more poles. They are also known as freestanding signs or pole signs. These signs can have advertising on a single side or both sides. They can be installed on business property but are usually not attached to a building.

2. Digital Displays

Digital displays have a contemporary appearance. These signs display electronic messages that can be used to attract customers and promote your products and services. They also offer a great deal of versatility in terms of the information you want to display.

3. Reader Boards

Reader Boards serve practical purposes such as providing directions to customers about your business. They are most useful for directing customers to a business within a large commercial space. These boards come with plaques that can be removed and replaced with new information.

4. Post and Panel Signs

Among the various types of monument signs available, you can also consider installing a post and panel sign. This type of monument sign is used to announce the location of your business. You can use them for single or multi-tenant buildings and display a variety of relevant information regarding your organization.

Create Your Monument Sign with Wasatch Sign and Lighting

There are several types of monument signs that businesses can use for advertising their business or sharing information with their customers. If you are interested in creating a custom monument sign, get in touch with Wasatch Sign and Lighting and get started today! Call 801.266.7446 for more information.

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