Did you know that 40% of consumers in North America are unlikely to shop from a business that does not update its outdoor signage? That’s right. Old signage can have a lasting impact on your customers and can go on to hurt your revenue. In this article, we will review some of the top reasons you need to consider opting for a sign removal and sign installation service.

It Reduces Trust

Imagine you are going shopping and you come across a store with old and cracked signage. The paint is peeling off, and the edges have rusted over. Unless you are pressed for time and options, it is highly unlikely you will shop from this business. Old signage can influence a customer’s impression of a particular business, and they are unlikely to trust your products and services because of how your sign appears.

It Can Be Costly

Old signage doesn’t just hurt your revenue. It may also be increasing your expenses. This is most common for outdoor or indoor signage that uses fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. These lightbulbs use a lot of energy. You can consider switching to other cost-friendly options such as signs with LED lighting to avoid this.

It Displays an Outdated Message

Another reason why you can consider sign removal is when your existing signage showcases an outdated or misleading message about your business. This could confuse your customers and set the wrong expectations that influence their decision to buy from your business.

Do You Need Help Updating Your Business Signage?

Old signage can affect foot traffic and sales. If you are searching for a sign removal and sign installation company in Utah, talk to Wasatch Sign and Lighting today! We can help you upgrade your outdoor signage to impress customers and increase your revenue. Dial 801.266.7446 today for more information!

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